Overstock & Damaged

We are substantially reducing the price on our overstocked items—as much as 75% off! As you peruse the sale, notice that some of the items are out of date and some are damaged.

The out-of-date units discounted in this month's Overstock Sale are mostly the Year 2 units that were printed in 2008. Since Tapestry DE has undergone several updates since 2008, and many books listed in that print copy have gone out of print, you will need to either print book-related pages from our Book Updates Charts for yourself, or purchase the listed books used, or find them in your library. (Remember that Bookshelf Central has the current "primary" resources!) For many families in hard times, the extra work of printing fresh pages themselves will be well worth the opportunity to buy Tapestry units at a 75% off reduction, so we are offering them to you at these special prices

Damages are explained in the description so that you are fully aware of what you are purchasing.

Items purchased during this sale are NOT returnable.

Discounts are reflected in the prices below.