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Primer Print Package


Mike and Jessica Somerville wrote this program as a gentle introduction to (and preparation for) the full Tapestry curriculum. It is written to be interactive and easy-paced. Primer offers a simple, conversational, hands-on and game-oriented approach to history. It introduces young parents and children to the joys of story-driven learning, integrated humanities studies, and full family education while taking them through a survey of the full sweep of human history.

Primer is made up of twelve mini-units, with three "topics" each. Each topic is used over the course of one week, thus constituting enough material in History, Literature, Geography, Memory Work, and Activities for one school year. Alternatively, users can spread each topic over two weeks and use Primer over a two-year time span.

The Basic Tapestry Primer Print Package includes the following printed components:

  • Primer Guidebook (softbound)
  • Primer Handbook (3-hole punched)
  • Primer Activity Book Set (12 individual booklets, 3-hole punched)
  • Love the Journey (softbound)

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