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Year 3 Shorter Works Anthology


This digital anthology contains famous American, English, Russian, Norwegian, and French poetry, short stories, novellas, and plays from authors such as Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Keats, Irving, Puskin, Tolstoy, Hugo, Flaubert, Ibsen, Hopkins, and Dickinson.

Because our literature studies this year include a careful selection of great shorter works from a wide variety of authors, we recommend that you purchase this product for students completing the Rhetoric Literature component of Year 3, rather than attempting to recreate it from library loans or individual purchases. Since our anthology is a digital E-product, pages can be printed for multiple students, written on, and discarded at will.

As an added bonus, many extra notes have been provided and geared specificially towards rhetoric level students to help explain unfamiliar words, references, and ideas. Used for 5+ weeks throughout all four units.

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