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Y1 Tapestry Stages D Digital Edition


The first Year-Plan in the Tapestry four-year rotational study of the history and literature of the world covers the history of the world from the Creation to the Fall of Rome in 450 AD. Children pay special attention to the origin and nature of human civilizations, especially the great civilizations that form the foundations of our modern world.

Remember! Discounts apply when ordering multiple levels for a Year Plan.

The Tapestry Stages Dialectic Package provides the following materials by unit.

  • Guidebook: includes all the background information that teachers need to prepare to teach each week. If multiple levels are ordered, one copy of the Guidebook will be provided.
  • Multi-Level Handbook: provides the “levels at a glance” pages, so no matter the ages of your kids you can see what each one is learning. If multiple levels are ordered, one copy of the Handbook will be provided.
  • Dialectic Student Workbook: includes all the Dialectic student worksheets (with discussion preparation Accountability and Thinking questions), worldview questions, and blank maps.
  • Dialectic Teacher’s Manual: provides the Dialectic booklist, Planning Aids, Map Answer Keys, detailed discussion scripts, and answers to any questions listed in your Dialectic Student Workbook.

Want more detail about what's in this Year Plan? Listen to the audio overviews for each unit.

  1. The Books of Moses
  2. All Governments Are Established by God
  3. Preparing the World for Its Savior
  4. In the Fullness of Time

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