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MTT Session 1: Foundational Goals for the Master Teacher

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In this first of six core sessions, instructor Marcia Somerville spends about the first third of the hour introducing the goals and content for Master Teacher Training series as a whole. She then moves on to key topics that will serve all teachers. Marcia will walk you through some self-assessment exercises (using a handout that you should download but not pre-read before viewing the session). Having helped the viewer to clarify where she now is as a teacher, Marcia then helps her to set SMART(ER) goals for developing skills that are foundational to all good teaching in the near future. She concludes with encouragement (especially for young teachers) as she reminds the Christian viewer of the greater goals for which we all labor, and Who is going to help us all along the way. Because the purchase of this, or any in this series does not constitute official certification, please read here about whether or not you will audit this session or take it for certification.

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